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Dr. Peter Wyns is the President and Director of Ministry for "Christians for Messiah Ministries." He has been ministering to people and teaching God's word for more than 35 years. He has served as a pastor for 30 years and has ministered in more than 30 nations around the world. Read More

Latest Books

Israel's Coming Revival

Many know of Israel's amazing history but the story of her future is largely untold.
In Israel's Coming Revival, Dr. Peter Wyns reveals the heart of God for humanity and unlocks powerful truths about Israel that most Christians have never heard.

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Several years ago, Dr. Peter Wyns began producing a series of teaching letters called Instructions in Righteousness.
From the very start, reports have been coming back to us with words of thanksgiving and gratitude. We have complied the first 50 of these teachings in this beautiful special edition book.

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Blessings or Curses

All around the world, people recognize the trauma of curses on their families. From Genesis to Revelation, the Bible speaks of blessings and curses. Many Christians are living with unreasonable pain and turmoil.

This book brings to light the truths about blessing and curses. It will teach you how to bless your children, how to break curses, and how to minister to people's deeper problems.

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Derek Prince

"I respect Peter Wyns as a man of God. Peter, like myself, has a heart to teach and disciple people and nations in the Word of God.

He has much to offer the Body of Christ. I encourage you to receive from the spiritual deposits in Peter's life and the anointing of God that he carries."

~Derek Prince, 2003


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